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Snow Mountain Ranch
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Bringing Together
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Located near Winter Park, Rocky Mountain National Park & Grand Lake, Snow Mountain Ranch offers a wholesome environment where friends, families & groups enjoy a tranquil setting, more activities than anywhere else & quality time together.

You can fill your day and nights at Snow Mountain Ranch YMCA with our programs and activities.  Register for current activities here. Every season brings fun and excitement for the entire family. Whether you are looking for adventure or a relaxing stroll, we can set you on your way.

Our Mission: YMCA of the Rockies puts Christian principles into practice through programs, staff and facilities in an environment that builds healthy spirit, mind and body for all.  We will accomplish this by serving conferences of a religious, educational, or recreational nature; providing unifying experiences for families; offering traditional summer camping experiences for boys and girls; and serving our staff with leadership opportunities and productive work experiences.


Events at Snow Mountain Ranch


Scaventure in September! (Scaventures are super charged scavenger hunts) This weekend will feature a supercharged selfie scavenger hunt all over Snow Mountain Ranch property. Take photos of your family at the most scenic places and doing the silliest things. Points will be awarded for each photo based on difficulty so that all ages can participate. You might even get a few great pictures for your Christmas card this year! The scaventure will culminate with a last chance opportunity to earn a few points for your family with family games and charades.

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