Little Explorers Club

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Little Explorers Club

Trying to get your kids outside and away from the T.V.? Our “Little Explorers” program offers a variety of classes that will peak any kids interest level this summer! From fort building and leaf stenciling to classes about bugs and ecology, we give kids the chance to get dirty and explore their surroundings, all while learning something along the way.

At Snow Mountain Ranch, our outdoor adventures are open to all ages. Adults are welcome to participate in the “Little Explorers” programs, but we really want this to be about kids making their own choices and building their own things without parents giving them directions. It’s a great opportunity for kids to grow independently and experience things that they normally can’t in the city.

Below you can find brief descriptions of the different micro-adventure activities in the “Little Explorers” program.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!  Interested in exploring the aquatic insects in Pole Creek? Look no further! Using nets, magnifying glasses, ID charts, and collecting cups, your child will learn all about what bugs are living in the headwaters of the Colorado River.

Fort Building: Tired of your nice linens and furniture cushions being used to make a Leaning Tower of Pisa? Sign your kids up for Fort Building! Creativity is greatly encouraged, as bailing wire and pieces of wood are the only materials allowed to complete your fort. Staff members will instruct campers to build a fort good enough to stay out of the rain, defend against intruders, or live in for the summer.

Beaver Buddies: Looking for a class that’s more ecology based? Learn all about the nature of beavers, moose, bears, elk, and other wildlife that come through Snow Mountain Ranch. Your child will become an expert in deciphering the different claw marks and footprints left behind on western trails.

Primitive Fishing: Is your child more of a DIY spirit? At Primitive Fishing, kids will chase after grasshoppers and dig for worms before casting their self-caught bait away into the rainbow trout filled waters of the Gaylord reservoir.

Float Your Boat: Heat got you down? Roll up your pant legs and prepare to get creative as you build your own mini rafts with sticks and other natural materials! After building your nature-made boat at the Craft Shop, kids will get the chance to float their boat down Pole Creek and see how it holds up against the elements.

Guided Gold Mine Tour: Interested in seeing what a real gold mine looked like? Lucky for you, we have one right on location at Snow Mountain Ranch. Found right near the Waterfall Trailhead, kids will get the chance to explore a 100-foot-deep abandoned gold mine dug into a mountainside.

Leaf Stenciling: Is art more your scene? Build a beautiful and lasting memory that you can keep forever! Join our staff and create natural artwork from our beautiful aspen groves over at Columbine Point.