Spiritual and Faith-Based Programing

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Spiritual and Faith-Based Programing

The YMCA of the Rockies Chapel Ministry seeks to honor God and embody the teachings of Jesus Christ through the fostering of relationships, stewardship of the natural environment, and creating faith-based programs that are spiritually engaging and respectful of all.

Worship at Snow Mountain Ranch

Weekend Worship—Every week the Snow Mountain Ranch Worshipping Community gathers for an ecumenical/interdenominational Christian worship service. Along with weekly services, special gatherings happen during the holiday seasons, i.e., Christmas and Easter. All are welcomed and invited to participate. See the Snow Mountain Ranch Activity Guide for times and location.

Fireside Devotions—During the summer, evening devotions and worship opportunities are held in Hopi Campground and at various campfires around the Snow Mountain Ranch property. These devotions typically include songs around the campfire, a short message or thought of the day based on scripture and a concluding prayer (there will also S’mores). See the Snow Mountain Ranch Activity Guide for Times and Locations.

Partner Programs—Alongside Snow Mountain Ranch sponsored worship opportunities, many of our partners (i.e., Navigators, Fellowship of Catholic University Students, A Christian Ministry in the National Parks, etc.) coordinate and provide worship opportunities for YMCA staff and guests. For more information contact the Snow Mountain Ranch Chaplains Department.

Dogsledding and Adventure Ministry Programming

Dogsledding Rides—Do you dream of yelling “Mush!” to your team of huskies in the blinding snow while on the trail of the Iditarod? Live out a (scaled-down) version of your dream by dog sledding at Snow Mountain Ranch this winter! Please note that we have limited availability for this activity and advance reservations are required. We recommend calling to book your ride as soon as possible.

Click Here to Learn More about the Dogsledding Program.

Dogsledding Presentation—Along with Dogsled rides, Snow Mountain Ranch provides weekly opportunities to learn about the sport of Dog Mushing. Every Saturday and Monday at 10:00am Snow Mountain Ranch Chaplain and Head Musher, Steve Peterson, will provide an introduction to Dogsledding; he will talk about the equipment, the breed of the dogs, types of races, as well as lessons in faith and leadership that he has learned in his 20 years of Dug Mushing.

Hangin’ with Huskies—Come and see the Snow Mountain Ranch Dogsled Team. Every week during the summer the Dog Sled team comes to the Snow Mountain Ranch Dog Park; you will have the opportunity to meet, play with and love on the Alaskan Huskies that make up our team. See the Snow Mountain Ranch Activity Guide for Times.

Trek Christian Formation Program
Trek is an employment based, Christian Formation Gap Year experience.

“Employment based”?
As a participant in TREK, you will also be a full-time, paid seasonal employee at Snow Mountain Ranch, YMCA of the Rockies. You will work a 40-hour work in one of Snow Mountain Ranch’s hospitality and mission focused departments.

“Christian Formation”?
Christian Formation is the process of being formed into the image of Christ. It is a life-long journey of holistic transformation in Spirit, Mind and Body as one learns to live out the characteristics of Christ in their individuality and community. This is the ultimate goal of TREK; our hope is that when you leave Snow Mountain Ranch, you are closer God and more like Christ than when you arrived.

TREK is meant to be more than a class or course, it is an experience of a variety of interrelated growth opportunities designed to stretch the participant spiritually, mentally and physically all in the context of community. Some of the things you will encounter during the TREK experience are: discussions around the basics of the Christian faith, exploring what it means to be “Christ-like,” engaging the natural environment of Colorado through outdoor adventure (hiking, climbing, camping, etc.), learning to live with others from around the U.S. and the world, working a full-time job, exploring who you are and where you come from, assessing your strengths, etc.

Click Here to learn more about the Trek Program.

Pastoral Care
The Snow Mountain Ranch Chaplain team is here to walk with you through the day-to-day as well as the big moments in life. We are available for pastoral care for staff and guests during times of crisis. We are also available for weddings, baptisms and funerals. For more information contact the Chaplains department.

Group Programming
Along with scheduled programming, the Snow Mountain Ranch Chaplain Department is available to facilitate faith-based programming and worship experiences for your group, i.e., devotional hikes, spiritually focused rocks and ropes sessions, vespers, etc. For more information contact the Chaplains department.


For more information please contact:
Rev. Steve Peterson, Chaplain
Snow Mountain Ranch, YMCA of the Rockies
Extension: 4003, speterson@ymcarockies.org