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Snow Mountain Ranch
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On-site lodging and meals are included for internships; internships pay $180/week (based on 40 hour work weeks), and last from 11 weeks to 8 months.

Available Internships at Snow Mountain Ranch
We offer paid internships only, which also include housing (employee dormitory) meals, and all the perks our seasonal staff receive. If you are seeking college credit in conjunction with this role, please contact prior to applying to make sure that we can meet your school’s requirements.

*The starred/italicized internships listed below have been filled for summer of 2016; we will fill the rest of the roles as qualified applicants apply; apply now!

Conference Intern
Culinary Intern – Camp Chief Ouray
Culinary Intern – EPC or SMR
Family Programming
Housekeeping Management Intern
Media Communications Intern – CCO
Special Events Intern

Application Process
To apply for a Snow Mountain Ranch internship, please complete the following steps:

  1. Apply online at this link: Where the application requests “Select the position you are applying for” please select Internships > the name of the internship you are interested in.
  2. Contact two people that know you professionally and one person from your family to submit a reference for you through this link: (Your references must respond to this link before we can proceed with your application.)
  3. Additional step if you are seeking college credit: Please email a copy of your resume to with your university requirements for completing an internship. Put the internship title, the season you’re requesting, and the Center location in the subject line. For instance, you might use this for Snow Mountain Ranch: “Special Events Internship, Summer 2016, Snow Mountain Ranch”. We strongly recommend applying at least 6 months prior to start date if you are seeking credit.

Drug/Alcohol Policy: We have a zero tolerance policy for alcohol or drugs on property; in addition, no drug use is tolerated (including marijuana) during your employment with us whether on- or off-duty. We practice random testing for all staff and volunteers. We also test if there’s reasonable suspicion someone is using drugs or alcohol. If you want to use marijuana, don’t apply to intern for us.


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